2021 Vashon Island Strawberry Festival Details

2021 Vashon Island Strawberry Festival - Details

So the 2021 Vashon Island Strawberry Festival is going to be different then past years and still may be cancelled. So this year organizers are playing it safe, we have listed the event in our event calendar. Assuming that Phase 3 of the pandemic is still in effect, here is what is being planned currently:

  1. Strawberry Festival parade – My guess is that this will be limited, but kids typically love the parade.
  2. Unofficial Mayor Race. This is a local island thing. Pretty irrelevant for visitors to the island. A cool fundraiser though.
  3. Unique Commemorative Posters –  Not a huge deal to folks visiting the island and a great way to crowdsource the work of creating posters.
  4. Music – There will be 1 stage with music in the IGA parking lot. It will be open from 1pm on Saturday until Midnight. If you like to dance, this might be your chance.
  5. Food – Like I said, as of right now, no vendors. So our on-island restaurants will be here to fill your every culinary need.

How to get to the 2021 Strawberry Festival

There are a number of ways to get to the Strawberry Festival. First things first, you need to get to Vashon Island. Here are the various ways to get to the island

Now that you are on the island, you will need to get to town. The 2021 Vashon Island Strawberry Festival is located in the heart of Downtown Vashon. We have one main road that goes through the entire island. When you get off the ferry (assuming you are in a car) just keep driving you will eventually get to town, it’s about 3-4 miles or so from the ferry to town. Busses run from the ferry dock as well. Traffic is typically bad

Here are some reminders about coming over in a car to Vashon during the Strawberry Festival:

  1. Get in line early
  2. Traffic to town will be slow
  3. There will be detours and signs 
  4. Parking is tough, so be prepared to walk a bit

Where to stay for the Strawberry Festival

Here are some places on Vashon Island where I suggest you stay for the festival. Islander Tip: BOOK EARLY, places to stay during our festival book fast. Here are my favorite places to stay that I refer my family and friends to:

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