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Who is Explore Vashon

I don’t like talking about myself that much as I have always considered myself the “guy behind the guy”, but this particular page on my website requires me to say a little something about myself and why am I taking on the daunting task of organizing Vashon Island tourism. So:

History: I grew up on the island and my family still lives here. As a kid I grew up on a farm down in Lisabeula. I milked cows, goats, raised pigs ducks, the whole 9 yards. I went through all 12 grades here on the island and ended up working in the sanding room at K2 right out of high school. Advanced education was not a goal that was encouraged by my parents, so it was vocational work for me. Then I got my first computer. Shortly after that, I quit my job and went to work at Nintendo in Redmond WA, much to my fathers dismay.. as he hated video games. Fast forward quite a few years, I am currently working or a large software company in Redmond. I met my wife while working at Verizon and that’s that. 

As a side business I help small businesses with their marketing, mostly on the digital (websites, search engine help, social media, email lists) side of the house. I have become pretty well versed in all things internet. 

I feel I am pretty skilled at building things online, especially communities. I have built a community in Bothell called The Bothell Blog and created the Bothell Blues Festival which I created and ran top to bottom for three years in Bothell. 

Over the years I always came back for festival and come to back to my dads house (off bank road) to help out, so even though I have been living conveniently in Bothell Washington these last few years, I am on the island all the time.

Why am I doing this Explore Vashon thing? Well, to be honest, I love this island. It is special to me and I want to support the community that raised me and made me who I am today. Long term, I want this website and mobile apps to support me and my family so I can move back to the island permanently.. no more of this coming over every weekend.

My end goal: I want build a platform that visitors use to get the most out of their time on the island. I want to help the island businesses by promoting their services, products and events. I have some great, innovated technology driven products that I am going to be releasing soon that will help me reaching this goal and I am totally stoked about it.

Long term, I want my Explore Vashon business to support my family so I can move back to the island full time. I am NOT commuting. 

I have learned many things from my father. One of those things is to help when you can. Helping others is what I have founded my business on. So if you need help promoting anything to islanders and off islanders, let me know.

Of, if email isn’t your thing, give me a call (206) 999-6764 you will most likely get my voicemail, but I will return your call promptly.

Thanks for reading!

-Sean McVeigh


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