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Agnes & Chloe Vintage is a hidden gem offering collections of vintage & modern clothing hand selected for quality, comfort and uniqueness. Located in the upstairs of Vashon Island‘s Country Store, Agnes & Chloe Vintage Clothing a must stop when visiting the island. Aimee has an eye for fashion and unique vintage finds. 

So what a makes a great vintage clothing curator? A skilled vintage clothing picker possesses a unique blend of qualities that set them apart in the world of fashion and nostalgia. Firstly, an acute eye for detail is crucial. They can spot the subtlest signs of quality and authenticity in vintage garments, from the stitching to the fabric texture. Patience is another key trait, as the hunt for hidden gems in thrift stores and flea markets can be time-consuming. 

A deep understanding of fashion history, trends, and eras is essential, enabling them to accurately date and appreciate vintage pieces. Adaptability is key, as they must navigate a constantly changing market and respond to evolving customer tastes. Excellent negotiation skills and the ability to build relationships with sellers are essential to secure the best deals. Lastly, a passion for fashion and a commitment to sustainability drive vintage clothing pickers, as they appreciate the cultural and environmental significance of preserving and reviving these timeless pieces, bringing the past into the present with style and panache. It’s not as easy as just finding clothes and reselling them.

Aimee focuses on natural fibers, cozy sweaters, denim, funky cat prints and dresses & skirts with pockets. All sizes are carried with offerings for men & the wee ones too. 

Hours: Mon-Sat 10:30-5:30pm Sunday 11-4pm

Address: 20211 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon, WA 98070


Online Shopping

General Location: South of Downtown


Pet Friendly: ?

Restrooms: Yes

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