Vashon Island Birdwatching

Vashon Island Bird Watching - Heron

Vashon Island has a very large variety of birds to see and observe! People from all over the country come to Vashon island to see the huge variety of land and sea birds that inhabit and migrate to our island. Some of our most talked about birds are the Vashon Island bald eagles that are located all over our little island!

Vashon also has a strong, vibrant community of bird watches called Vashon Audubon. This family friendly group has many members and often have organized bird walks on Vashon that are great for kids, families and birding enthusiasts alike. To find out when the next bird walk is taking place, check out the Vashon Island events calander.

Note: When attending a bird walk there are some things to keep in mind. Space is limited, due to the nature of bird watching, large crowds often prevent folks from getting close to the birds. Second, children under the age of 12 typically have a difficult time being quiet and one of the core parts of bird watching is being quiet. So, please keep that in mind when joining bird walks on Vashon Island. Kid focused bird walks are being organized from time to time, reach out below to the Vashon Audubon to see when the next bird walk is happening on Vashon Island.

Here are some great resources provided to bird watching folks visiting Vashon Island:

If you would like to get a hold of the Vashon Audubon group, check out their website or shoot them a message below.

Contact the Vashon Island birding experts:

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