Vashon Island – Whale Watching

Whale watching on Vashon Island - Things to do
Photo Credit: Jim Meiklejohn

Vashon Island is a great place to do some whale watching! We have a large number of our under water visitors circling the island and if you know where to watch them, you can actually get very close to them… close enough to hear them breath through their blow holes.

The Vashon Island  whale watching season runs from April through the end of September. Southern Resident Orcas are seen year-round, but most of the whales in the area are just passing through. Gray whales are best seen between March and May, as they make their way to their summer feeding grounds.

Where to whale watch on Vashon Island?

Point Robinson 

When are the whales circling Vashon Island?

What should you bring to watch whales on Vashon Island?

Coats and boots if it is cold


Vashon Island Whale Watching - Two whales

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