Vashon Island Wine Tasting

Wine tasting on Vashon Island. Where to go,

Wine tasting on Vashon Island is a unique, delicious experiance. Vashon has some award winning wineries and first class tasting rooms. Wine tasting on Vashon is an all day event that 

Drinking responsibly is always on the minds of everyone. We want to continue to reinforce our strong commitment to assist folks who need a ride on the island. 

Vashon Island Winery, Cidery and Brewery Map

Below is a generic map of all Vashon Wineries, Breweries and Cideries. Vashon Island has deep agricultural roots and it is evident in all of our wines, ciders and beers. Unique flavors and a unique tasting experience. For a more detailed in depth guide to wine tasting on Vashon Island, download our Vashon Island Wine Tasting Guide.

Alli Lanphear Vineyard & Winery - Wine Tasting

Visit Every Vashon Island Winery in One Day

If you plan correctly, you can hit EACH of Vashon Island's wineries in one day! The key is planning. Wouldn't it be nice if someone had a Vashon Island Wine Tasting Guide? Done.

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