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Vote Kim Roeser for 2021 Unofficial Mayor of Vashon Island

Kim Roeser for 2021 Unofficial Mayor Vashon Island

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Vashon Island, July 6, 2021 – Explore Vashon is pleased to announce its official endorsement of Kim Roeser of Jefferson Cake Pan for the title of 2021 Vashon Island Unofficial Mayor. We evaluated each of the candidates qualifications in detail and although Lucky Duck, Penny the Goat, Charlie and dog and a strawberry did impress us with their charm and ability to eat slugs, aluminum cans, shred designer throw pillows and taste delicious on sponge cake, Kim’s long track record of helping island businesses, supporting local events as well as owning and operating a great island business put her over the top. Kim is the right choice and the strong leader we need moving into 2022. Unlike real elections, voters are encouraged to vote as many times as they wish (link below). Each vote costs $1 and proceeds for Kim’s run for the big seat will be going to benefit and support Vashon Island Growers Association! Help support local island based non-profits and please take two minutes to cast your vote by donating today! Here is the link to vote via Venmo: #roeser2021 #therightchoice


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