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What To Do Around Vashon Island

Point Defiance Ferry to Vashon Island

Finding things to do around Vashon Island is easy, IF you know where to look. With quick a ferry ride and a short walk you will find tons of great sights and activities to do with the family or as a couple. Leave from the South end or North end, either way, there is plenty to keep you busy:

Walking Distance off the South End: (Tacoma)

Point Defiance Ferry to Vashon Island

The South end of Vashon Island has one dock with one destination: Point Defiance, Tacoma. When staying on Vashon Island, folks will often walk onto this ferry (parking lot right above the dock)

Point Defiance Zoo

When visiting Vashon Island for the weekend or summer. A great little walking trip from the South end ferry is to take a trip to the Point Defiance Zoo.

Owens Park

Owens Park is a waterfront park facing Vashon Island from the mainland. If you are looking for a beach park, this is a good one. Lots of wildlife can be see here.

Waterfront Market at Ruston

A year around public market, the Waterfront Market at Ruston is a great place to go shopping. There are multiple Vashon Island artists that have booths at the market. Plus, it is indoors and open year round!

Dune Peninsula Park (aka: Chutes and Ladders Park)

Dune Peninsula is one of Tacoma's coolest parks is right off of Vashon Island.

Walking Distance from the Northend of Vashon Island

The North end of Vashon Island docks sailings from West Seattle as well as Southworth. You can ride the ferry by driving your car or walking on. If you are on Vashon and you want to walk onto the ferry, there is a parking lot on the hill above the dock you can park at. Many folks take the ferry off the North end and then hook up with Public Transit to hit Seattle. 

Lincoln Park West Seattle

One of Seattle's great parks, right on the water. Lincoln Park hosts many event and is great for day hikes. If you have a dog, this is the park for you.


Via Water Taxi (Vashon to Downtown Seattle)

The King County Water Taxi is a foot ferry (no cars) that sails from the North end of Vashon Island directly to Downtown Seattle! Such a great route and a fun ride. Typically they do not run as often as other ferries so check their website for sailing times.

Downtown Seattle

Pike Place Market

Seattle Waterfront

Seattle Great Wheel

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