What To Do On Vashon Island – Activities

What to do on Vashon Island Washington

What to do on Vashon Island? We get that question all the time. Here are just some of the things to do on Vashon Island Washington. Exploring, biking, motorcycling, horseback riding, tours and much, much more. Vashon Island has so much to do, it is no wonder why people come back to our little island again and again. Just a quick ferry ride away, you are transported to a place that will be in your heart forever.

The hard part is FINDING what to do on Vashon Island. Once you get here there is so many options you kind of get paralyzed. This is why we created the What to do on Vashon Island page. This page lists out all of the great things our little island has to offer. So, if you are visiting Vashon use this page and check out all that we have to offer!

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