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Buying a Home on Vashon Island

Living on Vashon Island is special. Each of our little unique neighborhoods have their own, unique feel and vibe.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • East side vs West Side
  • Are you a commuter?
  • How far off the main drag should you buy?
  • Is internet access important? Some neighborhoods are better than others.
  • Living on the beach is nice, but is it for you? Here are some things to think about.
  • Living close to town vs living on the South end or Maury Island.

Vashon Island Neighborhoods

Below is a list of the neighborhoods here on Vashon. Even though many of these neighborhoods are close together, each has their own unique characteristics. If you plan to purchase a home on the island, make sure you find a real estate broker that understands each and every neighborhood and match that area with you new home needs. That Vashon Island real estate broker is Jim Marsh.

Vashon Island Real Estate Broker

Since Vashon is so unique and it is important to work with someone who knows the island, inside and out. The good and bad. This is why we suggest giving Team Vashon’s Jim Marsh with John L. Scott Vashon a call. 

Jim Marsh - John L. Scott Vashon

Jim's understanding and knowledge of the island is unmatched and his ability to match the home seeker with their perfect home is unsurpassed. Check out Jim's Explore Vashon page here.

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