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Things to do on Vashon Island

Being the source of information for visiting Vashon Island, we get a TON of questions. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about visiting Vashon Island. Please check out the information below before contacting us, but always feel free to reach out. I love chatting with folks looking to visit our little island in the middle of Puget Sound. 

Vashon is a true island, surrounded by water. No bridges, no tunnels. You can get to Vashon Island via boat, airplane/helicopter, or swimming (not recommended). Most people travel to Vashon via the ferries that depart from three different locations. One from the South end (Tacoma) of the island and the other three from the Northend (West Seattle, Downtown Seattle and Port Orchard) . Here is some more information on getting to Vashon Island.

There are so many reasons why to visit Vashon Island I don’t even know where to start. If I had to prioritize the reasons to visit Vashon Island they would be:

  1. The beaches (lots of beaches, light houses, whale watching)
  2. The food (OMG the food. Vashon Island is a foodies dream)
  3. The land (hiking, exploring, site seeing)
  4. Birdwatching (Vashon Island is home to hundred of types of birds)
  5. Hiking (We have a TON of trials for all skill levels)
  6. Biking (Motor or pedal biking on Vashon is great)
  7. So many more reasons to list, but these are my favorite.

So it really depends on where you are coming from. Prices will vary depending on your departing terminal. You only pay one way onto Vashon. Leaving is free, getting here is what costs money. Typically you are looking at about $25 for a car and driver and about $5 for each additional passenger. Check out the ferries page for links with exact prices.

Dogs love Vashon Island and most restaurants, businesses and other locations love dogs as well. As long as your pup obeys voice commands, off leach beach walking is pretty much accepted. Officially, you need to have your dog on a leash at all times. As of today, we do not have an off leash dog park. There are some guidelines around bringing your dog up on the ferry, but having them in your car is just fine while riding the ferry. For all the information you will need about dogs and Vashon Island, visit our Dogs of Vashon Island page.

What to do with your dog on Vashon Island Washington

Oh yeah! Kids LOVE Vashon Island and parents are often surprised how visiting our little island can change a child’s view on the world. Our natural wonders often inspire young folks. We have created a page dedicated on things you can do with the kiddos, check it out here.

Oh no. If you thirst for adventure, have a taste for great food, great music and entertainment, fine wine, freshly brewed beers and ciders… Vashon Island is the place for you. Here is a complete listing of what to do on Vashon Island.

Romantic weekends on Vashon Island are hard to forget. Coming to Vashon Island with your loved one is great because of the 1:1 time that you get with your special person. From traveling to the ferry dock, to the ferry ride, to all of the different adventures your will find, Vashon Island is a great place to reconnect, reignite and reestablish your love. Vashon Island has many places to stay and a very large vacation rental count as well. We have made a Couples Guide to Vashon Island, full of our suggestions on where to go and what to do with your loved one. 

We have public bathrooms on Vashon Island in our parks (however, they close at times). Our local grocery stores have restrooms as well as other restaurants and businesses. 

Yes! About a 20 minute drive from downtown you can catch a ferry in your car. Also, there is a foot ferry that goes directly from downtown to Vashon Island if you want to walk everywhere or take public transportation, is a great option. However, the King County Water Taxi does not run every day. Make sure to check out their schedules. I have created a page with all the information you need to know to get to Vashon Island here.

Downtown water taxi foot ferry terminal to Vashon Island

If you want to really experience Vashon Island, I would say yes. Unless you want to backpack everywhere. We have so much to see and do, to get around efficiently, I would suggest driving over. We have three gas stations on the island, so filling up is not a problem. (prices a higher than on the mainland. I would suggest filling up before coming over. Driving onto Vashon requires a ferry. Here is page dedicated to getting to Vashon Island.

We have great locally brewed beer, delicious local wines and ciders, as well as some of the best bartenders in Washington. Most of our restaurants serve cocktails. We have a liquor store on the island as well. My suggestion? Hit Camp Colvos Brewing. Great beer, awesome people. Here is a page dedicated on where you can grab a drink, do some wine tasting, etc.

Grabbing a VRBO on the beach, wine tasting, spa days, hiking and great food make for a faboulous girls weekend. If you are looking for a great place to get away with the girls and escape everyday life, our island is the place. Tons to do! Here is our Girls Weekend on Vashon Island page with more details.

If you are looking for a memoriable location to have your wedding, take a closer look at Vashon Island. The entire adventure of getting to Vashon, to your wedding location will be memoriable for your wedding guests, something they will talk about for years. Vashon Island has a large number of businesses and venues dedicated to weddings. Cake makers, photographers, caterers, designers and everything else you will need to support your island wedding. We created a wedding guide for Vashon Island, it has everything wedding related.

OMG. We have literally, some of the best paces to eat in the country right here on our little island. From Thai food, to pizza, to farm to table, to burgers, Syrian food, Mexican restaurants, food trucks, our island is PACKED with great places to eat! A foodie’s paradise! Here is where to eat on Vashon Island!

Yep! We have 3 gas stations. Two in downtown and one out our Maury. 

The beaches, the land, the hiking, the food, the adventures. Boating, biking, shopping, wine tasting, breweries, fashion, Vashon Island is a great place to visit, for a day, weekend or summer!

Yep! We have TON of vacation rentals, some right on the water. Here is list of some Vashon Island vacation rentals that we like.

Of course this is open to interpretation, but right now I love May Kitchen and Sole a Mia Pizza. You can’t go wrong with these two, but there are a TON of other places to choose from, check out our where to eat on Vashon Island page.

Vashon Island is a perfect destination for a day trip! We have just enough places to see, things to do, it works well for groups or individuals! Things to see for sure: The lighthouse, the bike in the tree and the crashed UFO. Here is a list of what to see on your day trip to Vashon Island.

Vashon Island crashed UFO

Everyone is pretty cool about walking on the beaches on Vashon. We have some great parks that are located right on the beach as well. Here is a listing of our beaches and which ones we like the most.

Vashon Island has a large population of artists. Not only does this make our island incredibly “artsy”, but we have many island made products being sold either on-island or on-line. If you are looking for a great day of shopping, looking for special and unique gifts, Vashon Island is full of shopping options.

Shopping on Vashon Island is awesome!

Vashon Island Wine tastings are an event to behold. We have some great local wineries, some of which are award winning, that provide a wine tasting experience like no other. Wine tasting on Vashon is great for couples or groups. Girls weekend, couples outings, corporate events. With great views, awesome food and a completely laid back feel, Vashon Island wine tasting makes for a great weekend event!

Looking for a great golf weekend close to home? Vashon Island has some great golf and some spectacular views just waiting for you! A super challenging 9 hole course, complete with swimming pool, racket sports and the always great Sandpiper Cafe. Day passes are available and the members of our Vashon Island semi-private golf and swim club are super friendly and willing to give tips on the various holes. 

Vashon Island is located between Seattle and Tacoma. From the Northend of the island, it takes about a 20 minute ferry ride. From the Southend about a 15 minute ride.



Thank goodness no. The fact that there is no bridge to Vashon Island has made it possible for island residents to keep Vashon Island as close to its natural state as possible. You can access Vashon Island by ferry, personal boat, airplane or helicopter. 

Vashon Island has a TON of live music and events Check out the Vashon Island Event Calendar for what’s going on.

There are many places to fish on Vashon Island. We have ponds, streams and of course the beaches. Many of our parks allow you to fish, here are some of the parks. Some folks charter boats over here to do some fishing. When the salmon are running, Vashon Island is a very popular place to fish.

Hunting is legal on Vashon Island, but most of the time you need to have permission from the property owner. Fee free to reach out to owners. Many of them would not mind having less deer on their land. Please adhere to Washington State laws.

Vashon island was named on May 28, 1792, by a captain in the British Royal Navy named George Vancouver after his friend James Vashon of the Royal Navy.

Vashon Island is very inclusive of all races, nationalities and orientations. Come one, come all!

Vashon Island real estate is a great investment. Houses are reasonable based on Seattle standards. What is nice is that during the week, you can get to downtown Seattle right from the Northend of the island. Which is makes working in the big city and living in the country a reality. If you have any real estate questions, shoot us a note, we will connect you with a great real estate team!

You can take a foot ferry (no car) from Downtown Seattle to Vashon Island and you can also take a ferry (with a car) to Vashon Island from West Seattle (Fauntleroy). Check out how to get to Vashon Island here.

Our island is full of great photo opportunities. Some folks hire a local photographers to meet you on the island and take family photos all over the island. Our beaches (the Point Robinson Lighthouse for instance) is a VERY popular spot for pictures. Also, Lisabeula beach is popular as well. Ferry docks, trails and hikes as great for that natural backdrop.

Vashon Island has a small but passionate nightlife. Many of our restaurants, wineries, breweries and bars offer live entertainment and music. Check out the Vashon Island Events Calendar for what’s going on.

Vashon Island VRBO’s are plentiful for sure, but finding the right one for your special stay is really important. Some folks want a beach experience, some want a forest adventure in peace and quiet and others want to experience downtown Vashon and the “hustle and bustle” of a small downtown community. Whatever your VRBO experience, staying on Vashon Island is super fun and full of adventure. Here is the list of VRBO’s and BNB’s that we recommend. 

Vashon Island Vacation Rental: Fisher Cabin

Yes! There are a number of places to camp on Vashon Island with varying experiences. Check out or Camping on Vashon Island page.

YES! Starting with the ferry ride, you will experience much wild life. Whales, sea lions, all sorts of birds (we have a large variety of birds on Vashon. Books have been written about it in fact). On the island lots of deer (come over early and drive around fields and you will see tons of deer. Horses, llamas, pigs, goats, Vashon Island have a ton of options when connecting with nature. 

Yes, but it is seasonal. Best place to look for whales is Point Robinson Lighthouse. They come very close to the beach sometimes.

OMG, YES! We have some great trails for any skill level! Check out our Vashon Island Hiking page for details.

OFF THE HOOK! We have some great breweries on Vashon Island. Our cider game is strong as well with two cideries located right on the isalnd! My current favorite is Camp Colvos Brewing. Great selection, awesomely fresh beer.. Check out all the places to grab a brew on Vashon Island here.

Camp Colvos Brewing on Vashon Island Washington. Great beer and food.

Our great location and our commitment to nature allows Vashon Island to have a TON of great summer camps! Check out Vashon Island summer camps here.

Yes! Shoot us a note and will will send you over information on getting a tour of Vashon Island. Great for groups, singles and couples! 

If you have ANY question about our little island, please send me an email. I will personally answer any questions you have about the island and if needed connect you with someone that can help with your specific need. I really hope you come enjoy our little island. Adventure awaits!

Vashon Island Point Defiance Ferry dock

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