Vashon Island Dispensaries

Vashon Island has the best dispensaries. Vashon has been known for its weed for years. I can remember as a kid adventuring through the forest and stumbling upon crops of weed. I didn’t know what it was but I felt like Ripley in Aliens when she is running for her life and stumbles upon the alien’s nest. I knew I was not supposed to be there. A lot has changed since then.

Since it has become legal, we have seen a great number of marijuana dispensaries come onto Vashon. Truth be told, we love each and every one of them, but there are some that set themselves apart from the rest. Below are the marijuana dispensaries that we love and why we love them. Give them a call, swing in and tell them Explore Vashon sent you. You just might get a high five.

What I find ironic is that both of the Vashon Island dispensaries are owned by dispensary chains. Both of the options today are great,

Vashon Island Dispensary Kush21


From cop shop to pot shop! Kush 21 has been extremely fortunate to be able open up on such a beautiful island full of many happy community members and such a unique atmosphere you really couldn’t find anywhere else.this is just another spaces to see if the title will move up. I doubt it will, but it might. Located just outside town, you can find Kush21 here.


At Euphorium, we have one singular passion. We source the best marijuana products that Washington State has to offer, and by carefully listening to each and every customer’s needs, match you with those products that exceed your expectations.

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