Hiking on Vashon Island

Where to hike on and around Vashon Island Washington.

Hiking on Vashon: Where to Fuel Up

Vashon Island Hiking can be exhausting. Even though most of our trails are labeled as “easy”, you can work up a sweat on some of these trails. So, where do you go to fuel up (breakfast, lunch, dinner) on Vashon Island? Well, here ya go

Breakfast: Hardware Store or Sporty’s

Beer: Camp Colvos

Wine Tasting: Palouse Winery

Where to get hiking gear on Vashon Island.

Vashon Island does not have a “hiking store” per-sa. However, we do have a number of stores that might have what you need if you forgot it. I would check out Island Homecenter for things like shoes and parks. Perhaps Island Ace Hardware as well. 

Hiking on Vashon Island has never been as fun as it is now. We have so many trails through the woods and on the beach that it’s hard to complete them all. Vashon Island has some great hikes that will soothe the soul. Take the ferry over and get away for the day. We have some great hike maps, just shoot us a note and we will send them over.