Inspiration Point – Vashon Island

Inspiration Point - Vashon Island Views

Inspiration Point Vashon Island

The 0.9 acre park is located on the east shoreline of Vashon Island off Vashon Highway overlooking Quartermaster Harbor.

A small turnout with a limited number of parking spaces and a picnic site have been developed along Vashon Highway to provide scenic views of Quartermaster Harbor, East Passage, and Mount Rainier. The eastern portion of the property conserves the steep, wooded hillside that descends towards the inner shoreline of Quartermaster Harbor.

The “park” is not even an acre and had a great view back in the day before it was overgrown.  Through the trees, you would have a great view of Quartermaster Harbor.  There is just a large rock with the history of Vashon Island and a round stone picnic table.  Use to be a great spot back in the day.

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