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Vashon Island Thai restaurant May Kitchen
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May Kitchen on Vashon Island is one of our best restaurants. Amazing authentic Thai food… and I’m not kidding on that “authentic” comment. May does it right. Here’s and example: The first time I went into May Kitchen I ordered the chicken pad thai. It was brought out wrapped in a banana leaf. I asked why they do that and May said “It keeps your noodles moist.”  It did. In fact, right at the table, she stirred in some spices and ingredients to my liking. 

Great spot for date night, family and friends. Vashon Island has a STRONG food game. May Kitchen is one of our cornerstone restaurants. If you like Thai food, hell, even if you don’t like Thai food, I would suggest hitting up May Kitchen. 

Also, May Kitchen has some GREAT cocktails. Awesome selection of top shelf goodness.

Hours: Wednesday through Sunday 11am-9pm (I would contact them for availability and/or reservations) 


Address: 17614 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon, WA 98070

Takeout: Yes

Cocktails: Oh yeah! Some of Vashon’s best!

Delivery: Yes via Vashon Eats

Dog Friendly: No. No pets allowed.


Contact: Below

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