Vashon Island Beaches

Vashon Island has a number of great public beaches that brings folks from all over. Whether you are on a date with that special someone, building a family-time memory, visiting with your friends, spending a day with your dog or wanting some quiet time alone, Vashon’s beaches are a great place to relax and unwind.

Folks also come to Vashon Island for shellfishing and beachcoming. Remember to be responsible when using our awesome natural resources.

We have listed the beaches here on Vashon Island below. Most of these beaches fall under the King County guidelines.

Lisabeula Park Vashon Island WashingtonLisabeula Park

Beach and fishing access.  5.5 acres with lots of parking, It has a porta-potty and hand-carried boat launch.   -This is a campsite on the Washington State Cascadia Marine. The park itself is pretty small, but there are lots of beachfront to play on. Great for dogs and sunsets. Not too busy. View Official Lisabeula Beach Park Page

Jensen Point (Burton Acres) Vashon Island WashingtonJensen Point
(Burton Acres)

This beach has a boat launch ramp, good for power boats.  It also is home for Kayak Co where you can rent kayaks and canoes & rowing shells. Classes are also available for all ages. There is a small grassy area with picnic tables along the sandy and cobblestone beach.  A toilet is available and ADA-accessible parking. In the summer there are boat and bike rentals available. View Official Jensen Point Park Page.

KVI Beach (Point Heyer) Vashon Island WashingtonKVI Beach
(Point Heyer)

A local favorite, perfect for sunbathing, picnicking and wildlife viewing limited parking and no sanitary facilities. KVI is really great for walking trail along the beach at low tide. By far the best place to make a sand castle. One of our only beaches with sand.

Point Robinson Vashon Island WashingtonPoint Robinson

Beach and fishing access.  Walking trails in upper part of the park with picnic tables and a great view of sound and shipping lane.  On the Washington state Cascadia Marine Trail for overnight camping and kayakers. Typically windy at PT. Robinson, so make sure to bring a kite! Check out the Official Point Robinson Lighthouse page here!

Dockton Park Vashon Island WashingtonDockton Park

Great swimming locations and boat access. Boat launch and moorage facilities as wells as a picnic area with a playground area.  Restroom and showers are available.   The Dockton beach is mostly muddy. Check out the Offical Dockton Park Page here.

Tramp Harbor Dock on Vashon Island WashingtonTramp Harbor Dock

The dock is a fishing pier with diving access.  The Tramp Harbor beach is muddy but supports a large number of sand dollars. Not really beach, but a fun time on the water. Great place to mingle with local fishermen… and listen to their tall tales.

Wingehaven Park on Vashon Island WashingtonWingehaven

A 17.7-acre passive shoreline access park and conservancy located on the northeast end of Vashon Island on Cunliffe Road. Most of the previous structural improvements to the site have been demolished, washed away, or fallen into disrepair.

Northend boat launch on Vashon Island WashingtonNorth End Boat Launch

This has a small sandy beach where you can watch the ferries and cargo ships go by.  There’s a boat ramp.  Great place to launch your kayak trip from. Blake Island is right across the way!

Fern Cove Park on Vashon Island WashingtonFern Cove

An estuarine, freshwater, and terrestrial conservancy located on the northwest end of Vashon Island off Westside Highway Southwest. The site includes 13.5 acres of forested uplands, 2 creeks, and 730 linear feet of Puget Sound shoreline encompassing an estuary complex and marine fan delta.

Maury Island Regional Park Vashon IslandMaury Island Regional Park

This park has 303 acres of trails with over a mile long beach.  The parking lot is a 15 min. walk to the partially restored dock. This site is of an old gravel pit. You might find some hidden surprises here.


Inspiration Point – Vashon’s only view driven park… without a view.

Quartermaster Harbor Beach (DETAILS COMING SOON)

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