Vashon Island Bus Schedule

Updated: June 2021
Effective 3-20-21 thru 10-1-21

Getting around on Vashon Island via bus

Below is the Vashon Island bus schedule, map and information for getting around on Vashon. If you are thinking about visiting the island, public transportation can get you North and South, but it will be difficult to enjoy all that Vashon Island has to offer by just using the bus. 

The Metro bus runs North and South through the island all day.

Check out the UPDATED Vashon Island bus schedule here.

2021 Vashon Island Bus Route Map

The bus routes here on Vashon are pretty straightforward. They go, the length of the island and travel through downtown Vashon. They buses can pick you up and the ferry, but they may take some time to get there.

2021 Vashon Island Bus Route Map

How to get from Downtown Seattle to Vashon Island via Bus

List the bus routes, prices and details about using the bus to get to Vashon Island from downtown Seattle.

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