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Vashon Island Catering and Vashon Island Caterers

Vashon Island catering and more specifically Vashon Island caterers are some of the best in the Northwest! Vashon Island has a rich, highly regarded food and restaurant scene and not only do these great chefs run local restaurants, many of them exclusively cater. 

There are also some Vashon Island caterers who do not own restaurants, but cater events and activities on the island. Below is a list of Island caterers that cater everything from family outings to glamorous weddings. 

Why Vashon Island Catering?

Vashon Island catering is unique to off-island catering. Our little island hosts a number of small farms that produce food and products that are used in many if not all the local catering menus. “Farm to table” means farm to table over here. Some of our restaurants and chefs are known throughout the world. 

Vashon Island Catering Events

Vashon Island catering can be used for a bunch of different types of events. Here are some different events you can have catered by some of our great caterers:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Family trips
  • VRBO weekends

Vashon Island Caterers

If you are looking for recommendations, just shoot us a note. We have had experiences with almost every one of our local Vashon Island caterers and would be happy to fill you in on the details to help you make the right decision on your next Vashon Island catered event!


Grav restaurant serves American cuisine with Southern and French Influence. Gravy also provides high-end catering for private events, gatherings and weddings held on Vashon. Contact Gravy for catering here!

Vashon Sugar Shack

The Sugar Shack prepares and caters delicious food using fresh incredients. Hedy, the owner, is one of our islands best caterers! Contact Sugar Shack catering here!

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