Vashon Island Coffee Shops

Vashon Island has bountiful coffee.

Café Luna

Cafe Luna has been around for a while. Great coffee shop.

Burton Coffee Shop

Burton Coffee shop is located a bit South on the island of Vashon, in the neighborhood of Burton. Burton is the second largest town on the island.

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie

Located in the center of the island, Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie is where you will find many locals hanging out. Great coffee and the original location of Seattle’s Best Coffee. If you are looking for wifi, this is not your spot.

Pollard Coffee

Pollard is a new local coffee shop located right in the center of town. This coffee shop is a hip, central place to hang out and has some wifi.

Vashon Tea Shop

Vashon Island has a tea shop as well! Great local tea in a great central location. Learn more about the Vashon Tea Shop here.

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