Vashon Island for Dogs

Dogs on Vashon Island Ferry - Vashon Island Washington

Vashon Island is perfect for dogs! The island is packed full of wildlife and is a doggy paradise! Nothing like having your dog crashed out in the back of your car sleeping on the ferry ride home…. you KNOW they had a good time.

Note: If you ever wondered if dogs have fun on Vashon Island, check out #vashondogs hashtag on Instagram.

There is a Facebook group that is focused on Vashon Island Dogs, feel free to jump in and ask a question there or contact me with any questions about bringing your doggo to Vashon Island.

So what is there to do for dogs on Vashon Island? Being a dog lover myself, I went back through all the great places I have brought Dodge (that’s the name of my pup) and wrote them down here.

Vashon Island is a fun place for dogs!¬†Also, I contacted some businesses to see if they were “Dog-Friendly” or not. Some said they were, but what I have found is that the words dog-friendly mean different things to different people.

Ferry Ride. The ferry ride might have exited your dog and he/she might need to pee. Here is the best place to pull over after getting on the ferry. Vashon Athletic fields right before town? Or Ober park is a nice place to go as well.

Places to play

Dogs love the beach. I would suggest taking your pup to Lisabullah Park on the west side of the island. Lots of beaches to play on.

Another great park is Agren, west of town, down at the end of bank road. Private park, with woods all around. Great place for throwing the ball and playing fetch.

Harbor School is another good place for playing fetch.

What to do with your dog on Vashon Island WashingtonIf you are looking for a great walk for you and your pup, then parking at Jensen Point (Burton Acres Park) and walking around the Burton peninsula would be a great look. I would suggest hitting the Burton Coffee Stand on your way around. Good coffee.

What to bring for a trip. Bring your own water bowl. Lots of places to fill up on water on Vashon Island, but bringing a gallon jug is always a good idea.

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  • Places to eat

Frequently Asked Questions about Dogs on Vashon Island

Is there an official Off-Leash dog park on Vashon?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. There have been many discussions around an off-leash park and we are actively working with the community to find some property where we can provide an off-leash area. Stay tuned. We do have some great isolated beaches that your dog can roam around and get into trouble. We have listed some above.

Can you bring your dog up on the ferry?

Answer: YES! You can bring your dog up onto the passenger of the ferry on your way to Vashon Island. But there are some restrictions. Dogs must be on leashes and some other details. My suggestion would be to take a look at the following pet policy from the Washington State Ferries website.

If I were you, I would just keep the pup in the car and enjoy upstairs dogless.. trust me, you will have TONS of time with Fido on your Vashon Adventure.

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Dogs on Vashon Island

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