Vashon Island Summer Camps

Vashon Wilderness Program

Due to Covid-19, Vashon Wilderness Program will not be having summer camps in 2020. See you in 2021!

Summer camps are a big deal on Vashon. Vashon Island summer camps create memories that kids and parents will cherish forever.  Here are some of the camps that either we have attended or know about:


Vashon Island Summer Camps - Nature Mysteries CampNATURE MYSTERIES CAMP

  • Ages 4-6

  • July 6-10 | July 13-17 | July 20-24

  • 9:30am-1:30pm

  • Island Center Forest + Beach Field Trip 

  • $270/week or $520/2 weeks

The natural world holds many wonders and surprises, if only one knows how to find them. We will learn the quiet, mysterious ways of the forest to become invisible, follow the hidden trails of our animal friends, create forest feasts, and construct ephemeral shelters. One day each camp week, we’ll wander the shores of Vashon’s beautiful shoreline and uncover marine mysteries! Story, song, gratitude, and more help us build community during this fun-filled week!



  • Ages 7-10

  • July 6-10 | July 13-17

  • 9:00am-3:00pm

  • Island Center Forest + Beach Field Trip

  • $320/week or $620/2 weeks (Discount applies when you sign up your child for two weeks of the same camp or mix and match with another camp for 7-10 year olds)

We’ll adventure among Vashon’s beautiful forests to decode the language of the birds, unravel the mysteries of the mammal tracks, discover nature’s apothecary, eat at hidden woodland cafes, and more. Games, stories, songs, and gratitude help us build community and have so much fun! Each week we’ll take a field trip to explore the salt marsh, eelgrass beds, and marine critters found on Vashon’s shores.



  • Ages 7-10

  • July 20-24

  • 9:00am-3:00pm

  • Island Center Forest + Beach Field Trip

  • $320 (Sign up for another week of camp for your 7-10 year old and pay only $620 for both weeks)

The plants have special messages for you, and the trees speak of a mysterious mission. Come enter the hidden world of the greenwood! In this farm and forest adventure we’ll learn the secret language of plants and discover their healing power. We’ll make fairy feasts, forest folk remedies, flower essences, and more. Come discover the magic of the herbal world around us and our unique relationship with these green beings!



  • Ages 11-13

  • July 6-10 | July 13-17 | July 20-24

  • 9:30am-3:30pm

  • Island Center Forest

  • $320/week or $620/2 weeks

The land can provide everything you need to survive – shelter, water, food – if only you have the skills and mindset to work with Nature. Learn to move invisibly through the forest; interpret bird language to help you track animals; navigate without any aids; tune up your senses; find wild food and medicine; make your own cordage; and so much more! Gratitude, stories, songs, and awareness games make this a seriously fun-filled week. For mature campers only.



  • Ages 13-16

  • August 2-7, 2020

  • $865, includes food and transportation

  • Space limited to 10 teens

Discover the natural beauty of the forest and beaches of the Olympic National Park, WA:

  • Hike rugged Pacific Coast beach and trails over forested headlands

  • Navigate with topos and tide charts

  • Track and trail wildlife

  • Explore tidal pools

  • Create fire by friction

  • Carve with knives and create with your hands

  • Laugh, sing, tell stories, and sleep under the stars

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