Why I love Lisabeula Park on Vashon Island

Not many people even know about Lisabeula Park on Vashon Island. It’s a small little park that is at the bottom of a winding road that seems like it is something out of Jurassic Park. The beach is kind of rocky, not much sand. There is often sea life that can be seen like seals, whales, eagles looking for fish. There are some picknick tables and grilling stations and in the summer it can get pretty dry down here. The water between Vashon and the mainland is very deep and sometimes you will see large boats and submarines going past Lisabeula Park. Being an island, Vashon is loaded with great beaches.

Lisabeula beach park on Vashon Island


If you are visiting Vashon, you will find that Vashon Island is rich with beach parks as well as other great parks. We are lucky on Vashon Island because there are many nature groups that steward and look after the parks and natural resources.

Lisabeula doesn’t have bathrooms, which is a bummer. They do have a HoneyBucket down there… use only in the case of emergency.

Lisabeula beach park on Vashon Island

It is also a great park to bring your dog too. Most of the time, there are very few people that come to that park, so it is a great quiet place. Except for the seagulls of course. Kids love this park too as there is a little lagoon that can be looked through. We also have to say that Lisabeula has some of the best skipping rocks on the island.
A while ago, we had a concerned down at Lisabeula park, it was… eh. Ok. I don’t think it’s a good venue for a concert.

Lisabeula beach park is one of the best places to watch the sunset as well. The sky to the West lights up like a glowing painting. Overall, Lisabeula is one of my favorite beaches on Vashon Island. Head down there to relax and think about taking over the world… that’s what I do.

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