How to Get to Vashon Island

Vashon Island today is a glimpse of what the Northwest was 30 years ago. Time has stood still for us. Vashon has remained a great, nature first community for one reason..  we are surrounded by water and thus insulated from the fast paced, pave everything way people are living. There are a number of ways to get to Vashon Island. One of the great things about Vashon is that it is surrounded by water. Not every yahoo can just walk on over and start cutting down trees.

Get to Vashon Island by Ferry

View the ferry schedule here


Get to Vashon Island by Ferry BoatThe Washington State Ferry (WSF) system has 4 different routes onto Vashon Island. This is convenient for off islanders because you don’t have to come to ONE location to come get on a Ferry. For costs (it varies on destination terminal and season) check out the WSF website. Here are the different ferry entry points to Vashon Island:

West Seattle (Fauntleroy Ferry Dock)

West Seattle - Fauntleroy Ferry Dock - to Vashon IslandBecause of its close proximity to the Seattle metro area, the Fauntleroy ferry dock is where most people go to come to Vashon Island. The ferries come to Vashon  on a schedule that can be found here.

Here is the location and directions to the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock via Google.

Tacoma (Point Defiance Ferry Dock)

Tacoma Point Defiance ferry dock to Vashon IslandIf you are coming from the South end of the Puget Sound, there is the Point Defiance ferry dock which brings you to the south tip of Vashon island known as Tahlequah. This dock is a little less busy then the north end dock, but the ferry does not run as late as the North end, so make sure you check out the schedule.

Here is the location and directions to the Point Defiance ferry dock via Google.

Southworth (Port Orchard Ferry Dock)

Southworth - Port Orchard ferry to Vashon IslandIf you are coming to Vashon from the West, the Southworth Ferry Dock is probably your best bet to get to the island. From this doc you can also get a ferry to the Fauntleroy (West Seattle) ferry dock.  (ADD THE WSF guide here)

Here is the location and directions to the Southworth (Port Orchard ferry dock) via Google.

Downtown Seattle (Water Taxi Dock, no cars)

Downtown water taxi foot ferry terminal to Vashon IslandThis is a great option for people what want to walk onto the island and spend a day in downtown Vashon shopping or attending one of the great events being held on Vashon. Many people use the “foot ferry” to come to Vashon and either use the local bus or get a ride from the dock to downtown Vashon. Riding the water taxi is much cheaper then driving over, but on the downside, you will be car-less on Vashon.

NOTE: You cannot drive your car onto this ferry as it is a passenger ferry only.  (Water taxi schedule and rider information)

Here is the location and directions to the Downtown Seattle Passenger Only ferry via Google.

Get to Vashon Island by Air

Vashon Island has a couple of local airports but only one public airport. You can charter planes to and from Vashon Island.

Vashon Municipal Airport which is about 2 miles from downtown Vashon. Commercial flights into this airport can be arranged through Vashon Island Air.

Vashon Island Airport Manager - George KirkishThe airport manager is Bob Therkelsen give him a call with any questions at (206) 463-3142 or


Get to Vashon Island by Private Boat

So how do you get to Vashon Island by private boat? Well, getting here is pretty easy, the hard part is finding a place to dock your boat. Below are the two public marinas that you can dock at.

Boating around and within Vashon Island is funWe have two public marinas, Dockton Park and Quartermaster Marina. Both are great options.  

The Dockton Marina is currently open for day use only and limited space due to dock repair.

Quartermaster Yacht Club is also located in Burton’s inner Quartermaster Harbor. You must have reciprocal membership from another yacht club to dock. First come, first served at guest dock. No reservations. Electricity is available for a small fee.

Vashon Island Public Marina - Dockton Park - Dock

Dockton Park

Aptly named Dockton Park on Maury Island (the island connected to Vashon Island) has picnic areas, public restrooms, showers, playground and swimming. If you are looking for a way to the town of Vashon, the Metro bus picks up folks here. Find out more details about the public marina at Dockton Park here.

Quartermaster Marina - Vashon Island - Public docking

Quartermaster Marina

Quartermaster Marina is located in a sheltered harbor is located in Burton’s inner Quartermaster Harbor and has many amenities you would expect from a marina. It is also located in the town of Burton, which has a store, coffee shop and some shopping. More details about Quartermaster Marina can be found here.

Shuttle to and from Vashon Island

We have a number of professional drivers that can assist you to get to and from our island. Contact them here.

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