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Where to drink, wine, beer on Vashon Island


Vashon Island has a ton of great spirits and wines coming straight from the island itself. Our island is filled with great wineries, breweries, cideries and cocktails. Below are some of the great wineries and cider makers on Vashon Island. Wine tasting on Vashon Island is an all day, adventure filled event! Feel free to reach out to us. We have some other great places to experience.

We have a lot of options when it comes to the “over 21” folks.

Vashon Island Wineries

Vashon island is home to some of great, award winning wineries. Wine tasting on Vashon has become very popular over the years due to the diverse styles of wine with delicious distinctions and unique flavors. Check out our Vashon Island Wine Tasting Guide for more details. 

Andrew Will Winery

Andrew Will Winery is one of Vashon’s great wineries known for their Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Check out more details about Andrew Will Winery 

Vashon Winery

Small batches and bold flavors, Vashon Winery never disappoints and is great for wine tasting groups. Learn more about Vashon Winery here: Vashon Winery

Palouse Winery

Palouse winery will be one of the first wineries you will see if you come onto Vashon Island from the North end. Great tasting wines and a great place to bring the crew for wine tasing. Learn more here: Palouse Winery

Maury Island Winery

Maury Island Winery is a small, family owned and operated vineyard and winery dedicated to producing high quality estate-grown wines. The Maury Island Winery grows several clones of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, producing about 150 cases per year of Pinot Noir and a sparkling Champagne method rosé. Check out Maury Island Winery here: Maury Island Winery

Alli Lanphear Vineyard and Winery

Alli Lanphear Vineyard and Winery is a small family farm, vineyard and winery. They produce wine exclusively from the grapes they grow using organic practices in Puget Sound. A great little family ran vineyard. Learn more about Alli Lanphear Vinyard and Winery here: Alli Lanphear Vineyard and Winery


Vashon Island Cideries

We are fortunate to have not one but two great cideries on Vashon Island. Vashon Island has a long agricultural tradition and it shows with the number of apple and pear orchards we have on Vashon. We HIGHLY suggest checking out these two cideries. Makes for a great day or weekend on the island. 

Dragon’s Head Cider

From apple to bottle, right on their farm. Dragon’s Head cider uses a traditional approach to cider making. They focus on the different apple varieties as well as the quality of the actual fruit. Bad fruit = bad cider. Great fruit = fantastic cider. Learn More about Dragon’s Head Cider here: Dragon’s Head Cider

Nashi Orchards

Nashi grows the finest heirloom Asian Pears, also known as Nashi, and specialize in award-winning, handcrafted premium perry and hard cider on Vashon Island, Washington. Learn more about Nashi Orchards here: Nashi Orchards

Vashon Island Breweries

Over the last 5 or so years, we have had some great new breweries on the island. If you are looking for a place to hang out, have some great UNIQUE beers, laughs and perhaps hear some tall tales? Vashon Island’s breweries is a great place to start. 

Camp Colvos

A great Vashon Island brewery located in the heart of downtown Vashon, Camp Colvos has some great beers and food as well. People are always having fun at Camp Colvos, I would suggest getting there sooner rather than later. Great selection of local favorite brews. Learn more about Camp Colvos here: Camp Colvos

Vashon Brewing and Pub

Vashon Island Brewing is one of our newer breweries on Vashon,but the founders have been making delicious unique brews for years. Vashon Island Brewing is located on the North side of downtown Vashon. Great food and entertainment here as well. Get the deets about Vashon Brewing here.

Vashon Island Cocktails

Looking for a place to swing in and grab a drink? Vashon Island has some great bartenders that make some great, delicious and potent cocktails. If you and your crew are looking for a great place to hang out, Vashon Island has some great places to enjoy your favorite cocktail.

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